GELERT Tryfan Classic 300 DL Sleeping Bag

GELERT Tryfan Classic 300 DL Sleeping Bag



Product Description

Gelert sleeping bags are split into three different categories according to the user they are designed for. Technical bags are for experienced consumers, who rely on technical features and high-end performance. Classic bags cater for those that enjoy the outdoors and want the freedom of choice in the style of their bag. Leisure bags are suited to the luxury camper, offering sumptuous designs and comfort. This is a Classic bag.The Tryfan sleeping bags provide outstanding performance at affordable prices.Each Gelert sleeping bag has a temperature table (in degrees Celsius) with a maximum comfort temperature, comfort temperature and lower extreme temperature. Please note this is a guideline as individual preferences will vary.Max: 4.3; Comfort: -0.9; Lower: -16.8Features:*Ridge hood*Zip baffle*Shoulder baffle*Internal security pocket*Compression sack

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